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Med Cell™

A secure cell for storing and transporting patient-specific medication. The MedCell™ is internally compartmentalised with removable dividers and offers the option of multiple lid configurations – one lid to allow access to all compartments or individual compartment lids for access to single compartments.
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Nucleus Dock ™

A modular docking device within which the MedCells™ are secured and stored. The Nucleus dock is programmed to accept only the assigned patient’s MedCells™ – if a MedCell™ is placed in the incorrect dock, it will not be allowed to lock in place and alarms will be triggered.
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Electron Cart™

The Electron carts™ take the computer and electronic medication records to the point of care - the patient’s bedside. The computer remotely unlocks the Nucleus dock™, allowing access to the MedCell™ and medication inside. Once the MedCell™ is returned to the dock, the medication records are updated and the dock is relocked.
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Nuclei Cluster™

A centralised cluster of Nucleus docks™, or Nuclei, with an integrated computer device.

Pharmacy Nuclei clusters™ provide secure storage for pharmaceuticals and high cost consumables. The MedCells™ are used to store medication inventory or related items ...

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At WhiteCellRx™, we believe medication safety is key to an efficient and effective health care system. Much of our health budget is being absorbed by the cost of avoidable medication errors – money that could be better spent investing in improving patient care.

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Digital Hospital of the Future Conference 25-26 Nov, 2015

Come and visit WhiteCellRx at “Digital Hospital of the Future” Conference 2015 @ the InterContinental Sydney Stand #6
November 25-26, 2015
The conference is about maximising digital technology to create exceptional patient experience and improve healthcare efficiency.
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